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It proceeded

It proceeded More I with it never went.

I always felt guilty if something caused discontent of parents.

It seemed to me that I am the most insignificant personality on light.

On the second year of study fell in college of an assessment of Denise with decent to the very bad.

It occurred because she skipped many classes.

Some time she hid the estimates from parents.

It proceeded until her mother did not appear suddenly to the campus without the prevention.

Deniz was necessary to tell it the truth.

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Potatoes puree, what?



Salad from carrots, what?



Compote from pears, what?



Pies from apples, what?



The hare jumped by opens following stranikets.

Stopped and speaks: Let me in teremok.

And at it with itself a full basket of fruit.

Fingertype game Fruit Here at a hare Dimochki Frukta in a small basket: Apples and pears.

Be treated, eat!

Peaches and plums, Ripe, beautiful!

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He simply

He simply It did not begin to stir old unpleasant subjects or offenses.

He simply told that will read other book.

Whether somebody can express anger better?

The only thing that David made incorrectly, it that he raised the voice on mother.

I know not so, there are a lot of people, including even mature which could surpass it.

And what would happen if I did not restrain and would punish David?

I will answer you: it was at the third level of a scale of anger, and next time when becomes angry, it will be compelled to use less mature way of expression of anger.

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Their acts

Their acts Suitsidentov confuse to those who is mentally sick.

There is even a point of view as if suitsidenta are dangerous not only for themselves, but also to others.

Yes, suitsidenta can behave as abnormal, however their behavior is not a consequence of a mental disease.

Their acts and thoughts are inadequate only in that degree in what inadequate was their situation.

Besides, in the majority of a suitsidenta do not constitute danger to others.

They can be angry, but their irritation is directed only on itself.

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In the most

In the most He considers each parental request or the order as new infringement of his personality and develops ways of resistance.

In the most hard cases the teenager gets used to react to all requests of parents with such indignation that becomes clear its attitude towards parental authority and eventually and to any authority, including God antithetically to what from it waited.

In order that the teenager, identifying itself with parents, closely connected itself with them and was capable to accept their values, he has to feel that is sincerely liked and know that him appreciate.

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If you are ready

If you are ready And, of course, happens so that the teenager, without any visible reason, desperately needs caress.

If you are ready to give it it, you will spend with it wonderful moments.

However you always have to be on the alert and be able to distinguish such situations though sometimes it is very difficult to understand when the teenager waits for attention of an ilaska.

Often it does extremely delicate hints.

It can approach you and exorcise on some superficial and nothing the meaning subjects.

As a rule, it is also a key.

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Water and cellulose

Water and cellulose Adults, apparently, receive enough vitamin D from eggs, oils, fishes and at influence of sunshine.

But the child who is a little on the sun has to accept this vitamin B a type of a concentrate and in the summer, and in the winter until its growth stops.

Women have to accept in addition vitamin D during pregnancy and feeding by a breast.

Water and cellulose Water is vital for the correct functioning of a human body.

Offer the child time water one or two in each break between feedings, and in hot weather is more often.

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  • Besides, he too with pleasure expects appearance of the child.However at heart the husband feels superfluous, just as the little boy considers himself outcast when learns that in a family there will be a new child soon.Externally this hidden feeling of uselessness is shown in irritability in relation to the wife, in aspiration to spend much time outdoors, in courting for other women.Thus, the wife appears the deprived support of the husband just when it most of all needs it; after all she enters a new, unfamiliar stage of the life.
  • Sometimes the woman who is afraid to lose the husband, wants to accept the child in vain hope that it will keep love in a family.Adoption of the child for the similar reasons not only is dishonest in relation to it.Usually it is wrong and for parents.Quite often adopted child who was loved not really, becomes then difficult.It is usually unreasonable to lonely person to adopt the child because both boys, and girls need influence of both parents.Besides, the lonely person can focus too much attention on the child.
  • What can be finer than the child who is openheartedly ready to share with us, parents, everything, what at him boiled in soul?Of course, all this difficultly and demands time.But many whom I met, told how they, parents, left this difficult contradiction: need to pay close attention to children and a lack of time.For example, the writer Joe Bailey allocated certain days in the weekly when it was occupied only with family affairs, and these days politely refused all other invitations to lectures, performances and so forth.
  • Finishing chapter and conversation on difficulties of teenage age, I want to remind once again what to start transferring to the child the cultural wealth best of all at early stages of his life.Children as sponges, they absorb in themselves all knowledge which present to them.It is obvious that if at early stages of life they get positive emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual experience, it is more probable that subsequently they will become fullfledged members of society.The main condition for this purpose unconditional love.
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