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And in general, to them

And in general, to them To them where work, affairs, things is more important than them friends.

And in general, to them absolutely to anything know that I do.

It does not concern them.

I simply want to be from them far away and to live in itself.

And actually, why they have to worry about me?

After all earlier to them was to spit on me.

When Tom opened the soul, it became clear that he has a deep depression and he is constantly dissatisfied with itselfhimself and the life.

How many he remembered himself, he was eager for cordial and close relations with parents, but then he gradually refused this dream.

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If one thought

If one thought There is no special need to force the shy child to stroke an unfamiliar dog or to float in deep part of the river, or most to go in the bus.

He will want to make it when takes courage.

But, on the other hand, if he already started going to kindergarten, it is better to insist that it went there, despite the fear.

If one thought of it brings it into a panic, meet requirements of him.

Do not allow the child to come to a parental bed at night.

It has to remain in the bed.

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For the correct

For the correct And at this time with it it will be easy both to exchange views, and to talk.

For the correct selfassessment and normal mental development it is very important to teenager to know that if necessary he can always ask you for the help.

PHYSICAL CONTACT When the child becomes a teenager, he needs to know, as before, that it love and accept such what it is.

The problem of many loving parents consists that they do not represent as to an udovletvorityet requirement.

Some try to do it, excessively indulging teenagers, providing them with such things as the car, audio system or sports equipment that those felt not worse than the contemporaries.

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But with

But with These habits as well as a sosaniye of fingers, pass over time.

When the child falls in love with an old rag or a torn toy which he pressed to himself, sosya the finger, mother it irritates because it externally looks ugly.

But with it there's nothing to be done.

You can imperceptibly take away this thing to wash and dry up it.

Sometimes the child agrees to replace an old subject new, just the same.

It would be wrong to force it to throw out a thing which brings it such consolation.

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Their remarks, perhaps, will

Their remarks, perhaps, will It can reduce amount of milk.

Do not listen to skeptical remarks of the acquaintances.

Many are skeptical about chest feeding.

They can start dissuading young mother to try to adjust chest feeding.

Their remarks, perhaps, will be such: You, of course, are not going to nurse, the truth?

, Honor it to anybody it is impossible!

, Why to you it is necessary?

, With such breast at you all the same it will turn out nothing, Your poor kid starves.

You want to exhaust it.

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But you immediately

But you immediately Slowly developing children.

You with huge interest watch development of the child.

If it quickly grows, you are proud of it and yourself too, that brought it into world.

When the child rejoices to the achievements when he with enthusiastic amazement reopens for himself world around, you endure the most wonderful days of the childhood.

But you immediately start worrying if your child starts lagging behind in any relation children of your acquaintances.

You not simply are nervous, you feel the little guilty.

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But one more

But one more And so it is difficult to find original respect for parents today, it is hardly worth undermining it still.

But one more basic thing of Anna Landers who is an example of the wrong relation to expression of love of children is responsible.

It turns out that time the father expresses the love in an inadmissible way, so it should not show it at all.

We already saw, physical contact with the father is how important for the teenage girl.

This specific father behaves incorrectly, but whether means it, what it is necessary to exclude physical contact completely?

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  • Besides, he too with pleasure expects appearance of the child.However at heart the husband feels superfluous, just as the little boy considers himself outcast when learns that in a family there will be a new child soon.Externally this hidden feeling of uselessness is shown in irritability in relation to the wife, in aspiration to spend much time outdoors, in courting for other women.Thus, the wife appears the deprived support of the husband just when it most of all needs it; after all she enters a new, unfamiliar stage of the life.
  • Sometimes the woman who is afraid to lose the husband, wants to accept the child in vain hope that it will keep love in a family.Adoption of the child for the similar reasons not only is dishonest in relation to it.Usually it is wrong and for parents.Quite often adopted child who was loved not really, becomes then difficult.It is usually unreasonable to lonely person to adopt the child because both boys, and girls need influence of both parents.Besides, the lonely person can focus too much attention on the child.
  • What can be finer than the child who is openheartedly ready to share with us, parents, everything, what at him boiled in soul?Of course, all this difficultly and demands time.But many whom I met, told how they, parents, left this difficult contradiction: need to pay close attention to children and a lack of time.For example, the writer Joe Bailey allocated certain days in the weekly when it was occupied only with family affairs, and these days politely refused all other invitations to lectures, performances and so forth.
  • Finishing chapter and conversation on difficulties of teenage age, I want to remind once again what to start transferring to the child the cultural wealth best of all at early stages of his life.Children as sponges, they absorb in themselves all knowledge which present to them.It is obvious that if at early stages of life they get positive emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual experience, it is more probable that subsequently they will become fullfledged members of society.The main condition for this purpose unconditional love.
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