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Once the sister

Once the sister But this is true.

The only exit not to take the responsibility, and it is simple to be an example to which the teenager could follow.

Let's return to Deyvid.

Like most of the children making percent he studied generally soso.

Once the sister asked it: Deyvid, you solved, to what college will come?

Not yet, he answered without visible interest.

A bit later the friend told Deyvidu that is going to come to one known large college.

Oho, now that's something like it!

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Seurat is formed

Seurat is formed Do not hurry the child and enjoy, bathing him, as well as he enjoys bathing.

Ears, nose, eyes, mouth, nails.

Wash only auricles, but not acoustical pass.

Seurat is formed and crowds in the ear channel to protect and clear it.

The ear channel is covered with tiny, almost invisible hairs which slowly move sulfur and the accumulated dirt to an exit.

Eyes are washed out by tears which are formed constantly and not just when the child cries.

Therefore healthy eyes do not need washing.

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We feed him almost

We feed him almost And to try to be softer thus.

We understand it; but here because of morning food almost all clash.

For some reason it seems to us as if hungry the child cannot go to school by no means.

We feed him almost violently; also we achieve the: the child ate swallowing of a breakfast together with tears.

Same result: he will sit down at a school desk angry and upset.

Why don't we remember own feeling early in the morning when the piece does not climb in a throat?

Composure since morning a thing very important, and value is much higher than one hundred it another of calories.

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Most of women

Most of women However at such mixed feeding breast milk will decrease most likely, and the child can prefer a pacifier and refuse a breast absolutely.

Most of women refuses such mixed feeding as it means double work: preparation of dairy mix and feeding by a breast, i.


need to be connected by the schedule of feedings.

The most reasonable in that case is at first to try to transfer gradually the child entirely to feeding by a breast if you have after all a lot of milk we will tell, a half of quantity necessary for the child, see section .

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Mother tells

Mother tells With it mother, average years the intelligent lady, with the fine speech and pleasant manners.

The girl complains of irritability and melancholy.

Mother tells that the daughter besides very badly eats.

Happens, starves days, already slender, she the last half a year grows thin more and more; with a growth, usual for the age, slightly more than thirty five kilograms weigh.

History such is.

About a year ago the girl was very much changed: became thoughtful and sad, lost friends; quite various interests grew dull before; became worse to study, complain of a general malaise, to pass school, to lie much.

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Samples A.

Vasilyeva, V.


Gerbova, T.



M, cutting and outgaming, and also the subject picture to all fairy tales on which these characters can be imposed or exposed.

Samples of grants for work with children are given.

In the Appendix cards for global reading according to all fairy tales which should be cut out before occupation are given.

According to each fairy tale we offer three occupations.

Each occupation has the purposes educational, training, developing.

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You have

You have Train until its emotional trace died away.

As soon as between you the atmosphere of stability is established, sit down together and make three things.

You have to let to it know that do not intend to condemn him.

Especially if the child strongly reacts to any authority, that is is among percent see chapter as he can have sense of guilt for deeds.

If I do not let to it know that I condemn him, he can never repeat it.

But if he never repeats it, I will have no opportunity to help it to rise by the following step of a ladder of anger.

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  • Besides, he too with pleasure expects appearance of the child.However at heart the husband feels superfluous, just as the little boy considers himself outcast when learns that in a family there will be a new child soon.Externally this hidden feeling of uselessness is shown in irritability in relation to the wife, in aspiration to spend much time outdoors, in courting for other women.Thus, the wife appears the deprived support of the husband just when it most of all needs it; after all she enters a new, unfamiliar stage of the life.
  • Sometimes the woman who is afraid to lose the husband, wants to accept the child in vain hope that it will keep love in a family.Adoption of the child for the similar reasons not only is dishonest in relation to it.Usually it is wrong and for parents.Quite often adopted child who was loved not really, becomes then difficult.It is usually unreasonable to lonely person to adopt the child because both boys, and girls need influence of both parents.Besides, the lonely person can focus too much attention on the child.
  • What can be finer than the child who is openheartedly ready to share with us, parents, everything, what at him boiled in soul?Of course, all this difficultly and demands time.But many whom I met, told how they, parents, left this difficult contradiction: need to pay close attention to children and a lack of time.For example, the writer Joe Bailey allocated certain days in the weekly when it was occupied only with family affairs, and these days politely refused all other invitations to lectures, performances and so forth.
  • Finishing chapter and conversation on difficulties of teenage age, I want to remind once again what to start transferring to the child the cultural wealth best of all at early stages of his life.Children as sponges, they absorb in themselves all knowledge which present to them.It is obvious that if at early stages of life they get positive emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual experience, it is more probable that subsequently they will become fullfledged members of society.The main condition for this purpose unconditional love.
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