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Goes and at windows

Goes and at windows The child repeats them.

Father Frost came to the city.

Goes and at windows frosty patterns razrisokvyvat glasses: lll.

The child after the logopedist says a sound.

Draws patterns at windows, it staraktsya.

And on what its patterns are similar?

On one pattern it is possible to make out a firtree fig.


The child leads round the image of a firtree on points and thus use will wear out: lll.

Father Frost approached kindergarten and stopped.

Solved in a bag to glance.

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It hurts

It hurts Before the living, talkative, sociable child became closed, silent, aspiring to a privacy.

Sensitive, tender and timid turned in sharp, hamovaty, not mincing words.

It is hard for us to adapt to a new situation: we do not manage to be reconstructed.

Occupied with own experiences and problems, we quite often do not realize at all: these difficulties are connected with that actually our child endures crisis.

It hurts us most often because suffers.

Reasons for collisions arise one by one.

And certainly, appearance and a manner to put on first of all becomes a stumbling block.

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And then

And then snowman.

Flower, the first appearing from under snow.


On each word the child spreads threads rays round a snowflake.

The snowflake saw as there is a lot of at it rays, and was surprised.

Show how she was surprised.

And then cheerfully smiled.

Show as.

The child carries out.

Occupation result.


Our walk came to an end, it is time to come back.

And the snowflake can be taken with itself?

And why it is impossible?

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  • Besides, he too with pleasure expects appearance of the child.However at heart the husband feels superfluous, just as the little boy considers himself outcast when learns that in a family there will be a new child soon.Externally this hidden feeling of uselessness is shown in irritability in relation to the wife, in aspiration to spend much time outdoors, in courting for other women.Thus, the wife appears the deprived support of the husband just when it most of all needs it; after all she enters a new, unfamiliar stage of the life.
  • Sometimes the woman who is afraid to lose the husband, wants to accept the child in vain hope that it will keep love in a family.Adoption of the child for the similar reasons not only is dishonest in relation to it.Usually it is wrong and for parents.Quite often adopted child who was loved not really, becomes then difficult.It is usually unreasonable to lonely person to adopt the child because both boys, and girls need influence of both parents.Besides, the lonely person can focus too much attention on the child.
  • What can be finer than the child who is openheartedly ready to share with us, parents, everything, what at him boiled in soul?Of course, all this difficultly and demands time.But many whom I met, told how they, parents, left this difficult contradiction: need to pay close attention to children and a lack of time.For example, the writer Joe Bailey allocated certain days in the weekly when it was occupied only with family affairs, and these days politely refused all other invitations to lectures, performances and so forth.
  • Finishing chapter and conversation on difficulties of teenage age, I want to remind once again what to start transferring to the child the cultural wealth best of all at early stages of his life.Children as sponges, they absorb in themselves all knowledge which present to them.It is obvious that if at early stages of life they get positive emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual experience, it is more probable that subsequently they will become fullfledged members of society.The main condition for this purpose unconditional love.
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